Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday: More Family Stuff

My son came home from school today with good news. A good friend of his still likes him.

The two of them had been rough housing yesterday, and our son tells me that he caused his friend's tooth to come out. The tooth, or, rather, a reasonable facsimile, is back in place today.

That news on the friend front was a relief to both of us. My boy had been concerned about how his friend would take the tooth incident: and I remembered how easy it can be to mis-manage a friendship. Our son may be better at that sort of thing than I've been.

My wife and #3 daughter were out of town for most of the day, so I had the treat of being home when the boy got home from school again.

Or, rather, home from rehearsal. They're still practicing: a week and a half to go until performances. A little less, actually.

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