Monday, January 7, 2008

Monday: Catching Up

We're having a January thaw here in Minnesota: It got to almost 40 Fahrenheit, officially. It was almost 50 around the thermometer by our front door.

Judging from past experience, about two weeks from now, there's going to be a lot of sneezing and coughing on college campuses around here. Mid-winter thaws are a wonderful opportunity for kids to go out in their shorts, do some sunbathing, and (for some) begin a voyage of discovery in which they learn that 40 may be warmer than 20, and yet not be warm.

I went to Fitness Guru today, for the first time this year. That'll be a more common part of my routine - a sort of new year's resolution. F. G. is an odd name for a good exercise place on the south side of Sauk Centre.

Points that I meant to write during the last few days, but forgot:
  • That 'Santa Claus' beard I had during Christmas is gone until next year's season. It took a while, last week, to get past the 'hit by a weed whacker' look.
  • When I got back from visiting my dad and #2 daughter, my wife was chipping up part of the wood-look tile on the living room floor. She's been planning to replace the, ah, colorful carpeting there for years: ever since we moved here, I think.
  • I got a flu shot about a week ago. The nurse who did the injection seemed apologetic when she explained that the Band-Aid® she used was the only kind left. It's got Tweety Birds on it.
  • My wife found a new home for a weird little statue of a wizard on a motorcycle - shaped like a dragon. I noticed it in its new home this afternoon: on top of the main computer's monitor.
When I got back from Fitness Guru, the couch was moved into the middle of the room, and she was attacking the carpet with a utility knife. She's enlisted our son and #3 daughter in the campaign, too.

Meanwhile, I've set up a second webcam. It'll be keeping track of me, until I think of something better - which shouldn't be too hard.

I call the new webcam Little Brother. I think you can see why.

I think I see the nurse's point: I'm probably not the sort of person usually associated with Tweety Bird Band-Aids®.

Commenting on this little statue of a wizard and a (dragoncycle?), my family said, "it's you."

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