Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tuesday: Dentist and Eye Doctor

This was a medical day for the family. My wife took our son to the dentist this morning, and I spent part of the afternoon getting my eyes looked at. The dental checkup came out okay, I understand, and my eyes are in good shape.

And now it's official: I need new lenses. It turns out that high blood sugar leads to nearsightedness. Lower the blood sugar, and the eyes get closer to normal. So, now I've got a sort of built-in blood sugar tester. After I get those new lenses, if my vision goes blurry, I've eaten to much of the wrong stuff.

Back home, my wife and #3 daughter got more primer on the living room wall. This project is moving along faster than I thought it would.

The usual routines happened, too: the last of which was my reading three weeks' worth of a "Garfield" comic to our son. I'm glad he remembered that routine, and asked me to revive it.

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