Monday, January 21, 2008

Sunday: Cold Air, Hot Grill, and Squirrels

It was warming up by the time the family went to church: a couple of degrees about 10 below. Happily, the van started, and ran smoothly. #1 daughter stayed in Alexandria today: a prudent move, since she was a bit under the weather.

As usual on weekends, I grilled lunch. One thing I like about cold weather is how clear the air is. Happily, there wasn't much wind. I had two birds for company, briefly. They were one of those varieties that seem indifferent to gravity as they hop around branches. This duo seemed unusually anxious to check out this family's old willow quickly, and then move on to a point north of us.

At least two squirrels were out while I was grilling. The old willow serves as a sort of condominium for them, and there's a convenient overhead connection to another tree. Convenient to a squirrel, at least.

Most years, boxelder bugs are not part of everyday life by the time January keeps December from bumping into February. This year, they keep paying uninvited and unwanted visits.

I napped part of the afternoon, enjoyed listening to my wife talk with #2 daughter on the phone, got some planning and organizing done while the rest of the at-home family was at Soo Bahk Do, and read "Garfield" to our son.

There may be a better life than this, but it's hard to imagine right now. Boxelder bugs and all.

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