Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday: Swahili Song and Catholic Singles

Our son told me that he likes a song that the school choir is singing "Wakati Wa Amani" - I think that's close to the spelling. He explained that it means "Time of Peace" in Swahili. I hope I'll have a chance to hear that.

My wife's gotten started on re-painting the living room. She, our son, and #3 daughter got primer on about six feet of the wall. I knew she wanted to paint the wall some time: but hadn't expected the project to start this soon.

We got a call from #1 daughter last night: at about twenty minutes to midnight. Happily, I caught the phone before anyone got rousted out of bed. She was excited about a young man she met on, a website "for marriage-minded Catholic singles." She and #2 daughter signed up with the service recently, and have encountered some young men who look promising - and some that don't. It seems to be a very good system. The only down side, from my point of view, are the calls this household gets at odd hours, from our two oldest kids.

#1 daughter called again, at about 7:30 this morning. My wife reports that #1 daughter hadn't gotten much sleep last night.

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