Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wednesday: Sad News from the School

I spent a fair fraction of yesterday afternoon doing a few errands, and then getting some exercise. My wife picked up where she left off Monday, ripping carpeting off the living room floor. #1 daughter came home to get some chores done, and #3 daughter finished a digital slide show of photos of her and some of her cousins.

Our son brought a letter home from the school today. Two girls who had attended the elementary school died Sunday. They'd moved with their family to Sioux City, Iowa, in April of 2007. I checked the "Des Moines Register" articles, and found that this was they were killed in a very disturbing way.

A friend of our son was also good friends with one of the victims. This is a rough situation, particularly for those who were closest to those little girls.

On a happier note, my wife asked me to lend my muscles to the carpet project this afternoon. I was flattered, of course. We did a pretty good job, I think: I stood and pulled at the carpet, while she kneeled on the floor and sliced the occasional stretched thread with a utility knife. Carpeting is made of remarkably tough material.

#3 daughter's music lesson this afternoon was canceled, so she and my wife had more time for the floor project.

Our son is playing with a Bionicle right now, making appropriate sound effects. My wife is talking with #2 daughter on the phone: and I just learned that I'll be recruited to move the entertainment unit soon. Probably tomorrow.

Also, that #3 daughter and our son, seeing how much stuff was coming out of the carpet, agreed that it was time for a change. They hadn't wanted the carpet to go: it's been part of their lives for, in most cases, all their lives. They'd had games involving it, they could only step on certain colors or patterns.
I'm going to miss that bold, colorful rug myself.

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