Saturday, December 29, 2007

Friday: Countdown to the New Year

My wife, #2 daughter, #3 daughter, and our son, were over at the Sauk Centre grandpa's store this morning, minding the shop. They got back earlier than I expected, around noon.

I found out that a selection of nieces will be showing up to spend New Year's Eve, at least, with #2 daughter and #3 daughter. This was the first I'd heard of the plan.

With some help from our son, and the three daughters, I got set up with a "Yahoo!" account, complete with email. #1 daughter has been reminding me regularly about the virtues of having such a thing. Mainly, I understand, she wants me to be able to send and receive large graphic files via Yahoo! Messenger. I'll also enjoy the animated, and noisy, emoticons.

I drove #1 daughter back to her place in Alexandria this afternoon. I enjoyed having another twenty minutes - more like a half hour - to talk with her. That leaves two daughters and our son at home: still enough to keep things lively.

While in the big town (about 8,000 people: twice the size of Sauk Centre), I went to Menard's and checked out some items for my wife. Thanks to a digital camera, I'll be able to show her what I found. Sure beats trying to describe what hardware and vinyl look like.

Hoarfrost covered trees and quite a few other surfaces outside today. I snapped a few photos: but haven't checked out what they look like yet. I enjoy days when branches are covered in frost: ideally, with a clear blue sky to set them off. Today was overcast, which is also okay. Streets and roads took on a sort of fairyland look.

A scanned in #2 daughter's college ID this evening, and cut the image down to size. She needs a two-sided image, to get a student discount with an online service.

And, as usual, our son and I read comics and sang before bedtime. Life is good.

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