Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wednesday: A Safe Deposit Box and a Bathroom Floor

I think we're just about done with Christmas cards. I took care of the family's Christmas letter earlier this week. To be honest, my wife wrote it: I just keyed it in and printed enough copies.

Our #1 daughter spent most of the day here in Sauk Centre. My wife had her clean the bathroom floor, so she should still feel 'at home' here.

#1 daughter and I drove to the bank, to use the family's safe deposit box there. I hadn't planned on getting out today, but the cold air and snow don't seem to have done any harm. Next stop was Coborns grocery. They've got items she can't seem to find in Alex, where she's living.

#1 daughter stayed for supper: she said she wanted the liver. The two of us talked while I checked out a few things online, then it was time for her to go.

#3 daughter is on the mend, I think.

My wife and #2 daughter had an extended talk on the phone this evening. It's finals week, and I understand that there's good news in Moorhead. #2 should be back - this weekend, I think. But, I could be wrong. There's a reason that my wife maintains the family schedule.

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