Monday, December 3, 2007

Sunday: Snow, Advent, Grilling, and Family

Our #1 daughter got a ride to Sauk Centre again today, so we saw her in church. Technically, I saw her in church. My boy and #3 daughter aren't feeling too well, and my wife decided to stay with them. Good idea, I'd say.

I know better than this: city plows were out last night, clearing the streets, and putting up a rampart at the end of each driveway. Including ours. It wasn't much of a barrier, but this morning it was enough.

There was enough traffic on Ash street for me to be slow and careful, backing out the driveway. Too slow, as it turns out. I got the van's front wheels into the gutter, and there they stayed. Frustrating. I had a limited number of minutes left before Mass started, and - rather more urgently - the family van's rear end was sticking a couple of yards out into the street.

As if to add to the pathos, the garage door had decided that it would close, and then open again. I remember when people lifted and lowered their own garage doors: but we get used to these mechanical servants operating flawlessly.

I was considering my (limited) options, when a family we know showed up. Two of them were trying to push the van out while I steered.

Around that time, a young man I don't know showed up and helped push. Also, a young woman parked across the street, walked over and suggested that it might be better if she drove.

By that time, floor mats had been removed from the van and were in use as traction surfaces.

The young lady got behind the wheel, the three neighbors pushed, and the van was free. I finally caught on: that young woman weighs about half what I do, maybe less. That likely made the difference.

The rest of the trip to and from church was uneventful, happily.

#1 daughter and I came home together, she shoveled a square yard or so in front of the grill, and stayed inside to warm up while I went out to grill the burgers.

#1 daughter's ride showed up after lunch, the rest of the day went quietly, apart from some snowmobiles whizzing by. I hope that our son is feeling better tomorrow.

I'll have a few photos of this winter's first serious snow at my Sauk Centre Journal: by about 5:00 Monday afternoon - Central time, USA."

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