Saturday, December 22, 2007

Saturday: Countdown to Christmas - 2 days

I overslept this morning, and so didn't go over to the in-town Grandpa's to visit with kinfolk who had come for a Christmas visit. They had a good time, and the kids enjoyed meeting two of their newest cousins.

It may be just as well that I didn't go. For one thing, I got some work done, and for another, this was my first day on my blood-sugar-control medication. It's metformin, a 20th-century addition to the west's official pharmacopoeia - derived from the French lilac, which has been used to treat diabetes for centuries. So far, I've got three of five major side effects: [blogger's advice - skip the rest of this paragraph if you've eaten recently] stomach upset, indigestion, and nausea. I wouldn't mind skipping the other two.

I'll keep taking those pills, though. Being aware of low blood sugar before I crash will involve a short learning curve. That's okay, though: I enjoy learning.

Happily, my wife, #2 daughter, #3 daughter, and our son came back in time for me to grill burgers for supper. The sun had set by then, so the neighbors' Christmas lights and the grill's flames looked very bright. #2 daughter kept me company for part of the time I spent out there, sensibly staying in the garage's open back door.

I had a 'shazam moment' this evening, talking with our son. He pointed out that he was looking forward to Monday because it was Christmas Eve, and that his Christmas vacation had started. Somehow, Christmas being on next Tuesday had slipped my mind yesterday.

My wife, #2 daughter, #3 daughter, and our son were with me in the family room this evening. The ladies occupied the couch, our son was on the floor with his laptop (a hand-me-down from #1 daughter). I was in the corner, twiddling with my laptop, completing this information-age equivalent of gathering around the family hearth.

They may have been talking about medical checkups, because my wife said something like 'You know how to really get the attention of a nurse? Go into a meditative state while they're taking your blood pressure.' #2 daughter agreed, adding that it's fun to lower your heart rate, too. Those two might have been joking, but I don't think so.

Later, our son and I went through our recently-resumed evening routine of reading comics. And, he reminded me that he'd told me about some web-cam-related software about two months ago. I'd brought it up as a new topic as we started the routine.

All in all, it's been a good day.

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