Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tuesday: Due to Lack of Interest,
Monday was Cancelled this Week

My wife took daughter #3 and our son to the clinic Monday, and found out what's been making them feel miserable. They've got strep. Strep throat, to be a little more formal. Streptococcal sore throat, if one is going to be downright stuffy.

That kept my boy out of school yesterday: and meant that he won't be Comet in the show. He took it quite well. Being distracted by strep helped, I think.

The kids are taking antibiotics now. Most bugs don't warrant that sort of response, but strep does, in my opinion. My wife had me pick up medication for her at Wal-Mart today. Looks like she's hopping on the strep bandwagon.

I suppose my turn's next. That might explain why I've been feeling the way I do.

I didn't repeat Sunday's experience at the end of the driveway again, but I came close. It took two tries to get out, on my way to Wal-Mart. Coming back, I came within an ace of blocking the driveway again.

So, when I get inside, my son asks me if I picked up his book at the library.

I'd forgotten.

So, back into the van, out the driveway, and to the library. Ash street is plowed, but slick. Winter driving rules definitely apply. At the library, I learned that my boy's book was in - at St. Cloud. That's about 45 miles away. We've got a regional library system, and somehow his book had been flagged for delivery at the central location.

Back to the van. With about a half-foot of snowfall and stuff from the street near the curb, I had to be extra-careful at that point of my walk. Which meant that I was bent over for a good view of the ground, carefully planting each foot and my cane to ensure solid footing, and taking it slowly.

I'm really glad to live in a place like this. I was about half-way through the curb crossing process when a young woman asked if I needed assistance.

Snow in the driveway failed to stop me, for the fourth time today. Snowplows have been going up and down Ash street, a mixed blessing:
  • The street is relatively free of snow
  • Thanks to repeated shaving of the snow, it's a trifle slippery in spots
  • Each time a plow goes by, those ramparts in driveways get refreshed.
I'm glad those plows are out, just the same: four inches or so of snow on an arterial street, would be a major headache, at best.

We got an automated call from Sauk Centre Schools this afternoon: School was closing at the normal time, but all after-school activities were canceled. Smart move.

I hope to have some photos on "Sauk Centre Journal," later on.

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