Saturday, December 1, 2007

Saturday: More Snow on the Grill

That "winter storm" the weather service forecast came. Now, they're talking about freezing drizzle in the wee hours of the morning. That I can do without.

My wife had the two kids who are still at home fill in measurements on a rough plan she made of the living room floor. We've lived here for about seventeen years, I think, and the carpeting in this house has been on her 'out' list nearly from day one. She's got a point: wood or linoleum is easier to keep clean and dust-free. It's not a 'Martha Stewart' thing: Quite a few people in this family have one sort of chemical sensitivity or another, and carpets are pretty good dust-holders.

I grilled lunch, after using a ice scraper as a shovel. For some reason, we've got the shovels stored outside, in a shed. I'm not sure that that's the best place for them. On the up side, using that six-inch-wide ice scraper as a shovel worked pretty well on the three or four inches of snow we had - and sharpened the scraper's blade by scraping it on the concrete.

I went to the Wal-Mart today with our son, partly to pick up prescriptions, partly to get some winter wear. For one thing, my gloves got close to worn out last season. I found a pair that fit: Since the boy needs gloves, too, I checked to see what size he needs, at least compared to me. I put up my right hand, he put his left palm up to mine.

Our hands are the same size. That's not exactly true. His thumb is longer than mine. He's eleven now, and catching up to me in height, too.

Our #3 daughter gave a guitar lesson again today. I hope she gets more students. I think she's good at teaching.

#2 daughter had a talk with my wife, and #3 daughter, and this evening #1 daughter called and talked to me. I like the telephone.
I usually put what I have to say about my attempts to start an online business over on "Starting a Small Business Without Losing My Mind," but part of this item belongs here.

The webmaster of Barn Furniture, an online furniture retailer, left a comment on this blog's Thursday post, "Thursday: More Family Stuff."

Barn Furniture looked interesting, so I checked out their Home Office Furniture section: wishful thinking on my part: I've got a home office, but no budget for new furniture. They also has quite a decent display of Bedroom Furniture, Amish Furniture, and other breakouts of their selection on their website.

(I wrote a little more about Barn Furniture, at "Of Selling Furniture Online, Marketing, and a Linkback Contest.")

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