Sunday, December 30, 2007

Saturday: I Dropped My WebCam, But Otherwise
This was a Good Day

Not too long ago, I dropped the older digital camera that I use as a WebCam. Amazingly, the thing still works.

That's about as bad as it got today.

After a lazy morning, I shoveled off today's snow from the pad in front of the grill. Our son helped me get the burgers out, then #2 daughter kept me company while I grilled. As usual when she's watching me, the burgers didn't get over-done.

Aside from making part of lunch, we chatted about the Batman cartoon series that we watch. That was hardly a deep conversation, but it was fun.

Later in the afternoon, our son and I went out for a couple of errands. First stop was Coborns, to get a game for the game cube that one of his cousins would be bringing. I'm not sure how she'll react to the Leggo Star Wars game he rented, but he's excited about it. Our next stop was Wal-Mart. He wanted to see if a new Bionicle was there yet. It wasn't, but we had fun looking at other Bionicle toys (excuse me, action figures) and getting a Batman car back to its home aisle.

There does seem to be a lot of Batman around, these days.

The cousin (to the kids) / niece (to me) arrived around 7:00. By then, we'd had supper and done chores. Most of them, anyway. I stayed home while the rest of the family went over to the Sauk Centre Grandpa's house to watch a movie: "High School Musical 2."

I've seen it several times, recently, and an empty, quiet house was a wonderful opportunity to get some work done.

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