Monday, December 24, 2007

Monday: Christmas Eve

This family has been at church quite a bit today. #1 daughter and our son stayed home this morning while the rest of us practiced with the choir. Then, toward supper time, all of us went to church for the 'midnight Mass.' It actually happens at five, now.

Apart from the religious importance, we've got pretty good music at Our Lady of the Angels. But then, I like the traditional Christmas songs and music.

Back home, we ate supper, and then it was time for me to take the kids (minus #2 daughter) round town to look at Christmas lights. That gives me some fun time, time for my wife (assisted by #2 daughter) to set out the presents.

After I got back home, the six of us: me, my wife, #1 daughter, #2 daughter, #3 daughter, and our son, sat around the Christmas tree evening. Not all the way around: It's in a corner of the family room.

And I realized that I'd forgotten to wrap (bag, actually) my wife's present. #2 daughter said 'that's okay, I know where it is.' She told my wife that she'd have to use a Coborn's bag: that's a brown paper bag from a grocery in town.

My wife's comment, "I'm used to it." She enjoyed what I'd found, though. It's not often that I get a squeal out of her, but the second season of "Hawaii 5-O" on DVD did it.

There's more to say, but I'm running out of time and wakefulness. This has been a good "family" day.

I should have some photos to show, tomorrow.

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