Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thursday: Sledding, Writing, and Good News

#2 daughter and our son were out sledding this afternoon. I'm told that the slope they were on was a sort of 'dead man's curve,' where the sledders are airborne. Twice.

She and #1 daughter talked with me, in series and parallel, this afternoon. I was at the computer, getting a webcam ready. I think it's the first one in Sauk Centre that looks out on a street ( Right now, it's looking out at a lot of dark, but when sunrise comes, I'll be bringing views a snowy intersection in Sauk Centre to the world.

The anesthetic from my medical experience this morning is still sloshing through my veins, so writing took a little more thinking than usual. At one point, #2 daughter said, "babble on, just like you usually do: People enjoy it." I hope she's right.

I'm hoping that all the doze-and-forget juice is out of my system by tomorrow morning. I seem to be focusing better now that it's evening: mentally and visually.

It looks like my wife gets to keep me a while longer. My colonoscopy didn't show anything to worry about, which is a load off my mind. I got photos, capturing highlights of the scope's expedition. When I talked about posting them, she said, "you would do that."

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