Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunday: Countdown to New Year's Eve

Another Sunday is almost over. Tomorrow is New Year's Eve. I have big plans: I'm going to watch the ball go down in Times Square. On television. I enjoy watching the crowd of people who come every year to celebrate the passing of another 365-and-a-fraction days.

I grilled lunch: six burger patties today, since we had a guest and #1 daughter visiting after church. I'm pleased to report that I grilled the burgers, without incinerating them - without supervision. I'm learning.

Our guest is dividing her time between here and the Sauk Centre Grandpa's home. #2 daughter joined her, for a while at least, this afternoon.

#3 daughter and our son spent part of the afternoon, playing a Leggo Star Wars game on the Game Cube that their cousin brought. #3 daughter said she was surprised to be playing a video game. She also said, "this is really, really, hard." While she was playing, our son sat beside her on the living room couch, giving advice.

After supper, the kids set up the Game Cube with a Karaoke game. Our son did a creditable job on one of the sing-alongs.

Then, chores being more-or-less done, everyone except me went to Soo Bahk Do. I've been getting a little work done while the house is quiet.

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