Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wednesday: a Poster and Photos

#2 daughter and #3 daughter are still working on that poster. Apparently my guess about how far along they were was optimistic. Or maybe they're pessimistic. Time will tell.

#1 daughter came this morning, to pick up a document, and stayed for most of the day. She talked with her sisters, and I had some time with her, too. That was a good experience.

#2 daughter and #3 daughter borrowed my camera again today. They're taking photos: I think to make desktop wallpapers for #2 daughter.

Our son and I enjoyed that bedtime routine of reading from a comic. We're still on the first Garfield book. And, there's a song that I've sung to each of the kids: It's what I remember of something my father sang to me when I was young.

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