Saturday, December 15, 2007

Saturday Morning: It Could Be Worse

The family Christmas get-together (my wife's family - a great bunch) is happening today. It's in the Metro area. I'm here in Sauk Centre. So is my wife, and #3 daughter.

This wasn't my first choice. #3 daughter is still getting over a bug, my wife's not entirely well - and I'm not going to see what happens the cough-and sneeze act my respiratory tract is working on, after I drive it in an unheated van for two hours, schmooze with a few dozen kinfolk, and then keep it well-chilled for another two hours.

Interesting though the experiment might be.

#2 daughter came home from college last night. With a sack full of laundry. I suppose that traditions must be maintained. And, knowing my wife, #2 daughter will do at least a laundry-load's-worth of work while she's here.

#2 daughter and #3 daughter had an extended talk, later in the evening. At least, I assume that's what was going on. The light was on in #3 daughter's bedroom later than usual.

#1 daughter arrived this morning, and left with #2 daughter and our son. They're getting a ride with their grandpa, to the get-together.

This makes two years in a row that I've missed the Christmas party. Last year, I was recovering from hip replacement. This year, I'm playing dodge-em with something like a cold. At least the health situation is going in the right direction: next year I may make it.

As we say in Minnesota, it could be worse.

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