Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sunday: A Day of Rest,

Nothing from yesterday. I knew I missed something.

This week's Saturday was busier than most. Our #3 daughter is still under the weather, so she and my wife stayed home. Our son and I went to Mass: Saturday was when Catholics, including this family, celebrate the Immaculate Conception of Mary. We went to the mid-day mass. Which gave us a few hours to get lunch in and do chores before going to Sunday's Mass: the one at 5:00 Saturday afternoon.

That non-standard schedule meant that I didn't grill yesterday. Lunch at noon would have been crazy-early, or too late. If I'd tried to grill supper, we'd have been eating at around 6:30: which is late for this family.

I got the Christmas list updated, but didn't finish work on the Christmas letter. Which is something I'll need to do tonight.

My Sunday was off to a relatively early start. I was in the van with our son, rolling down the driveway, at about 9:30. He was going to the Soo Bahk Do tournament in St. Cloud, about 45 miles down the road. My wife and #3 daughter were going to go, but that wasn't going to happen.

Our son got a third-place trophy for his forms, or hyungs (karate-speak for a series of pre-determined sequence of blocks and attacks against imaginary opponents). On one hand, there were four in his age/class group. On the other hand, he'd been boosted into a higher age group - probably because of his size.

I was asked to take photos for another competitor from Sauk Centre (from Japan, actually, but she's living here in central Minnesota for now). Since she and our son were doing their hyungs at the same time, he's in the photos, too: so I may be able to get pictures of his work.

I can't believe I forgot my camera.

Our son took a nap (three short naps, he corrected me) on the way back to Sauk Centre. Without letting go of that trophy. He's pleased with winning that.

I took a two hour nap when we got home. Then, hurray! I grilled lunch. Supper, actually. The sun had just set, the air was a brisk 5 degrees (Fahrenheit), and our neighbors had their Christmas lights lit.


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