Monday, December 24, 2007

Sunday: Lille Julaften (Little Christmas Eve)

I slept through more of lille julaften ("lilee yule-aften," or Little Christmas Eve) than I intended to. I'm beginning to suspect that the timer I use to wake me from naps doesn't have a very loud beeper.

The rest of the family were more 'on the ball,' getting over to (the Sauk Centre) Grandpa's house this afternoon, getting together with assorted kinfolk.

We all made it to church. The place was packed. We'll be there quite a bit in the near future. Tomorrow, the choir will be singing at 9:00, which involves my wife, #2 daughter, #3 daughter, and me. We'll be back Christmas Day, since this is a Catholic family. We "have to" go to these celebrations, like the official birthday of Jesus. Hardly the worst duty I've had to perform.

#1 daughter came home today. We'll have her here for five days, I understand. I've already stayed up too late, talking with her.

Everyone in the immediate family, except me and our son, went to Soo Bahk Do practice tonight. That kept me away from the tree-lighting ceremony at church. I haven't heard anything, so I assume that it went without incident.

About lille julaften: that's something that my Norwegian forebears made rather more of than I do. We've had the Christmas decorations up for a while - but I like to remember the day, anyway.

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