Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Tuesday: Christmas, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I've had a good day. Our eleven-year-old son took the VHS/RW-DVD player/recorder out of its box, along with the usual spaghetti bowl of cables and parts this afternoon. By supper time, he had the thing set up in the family room, correctly connected to the television and VCR, and working. He's pleased with his work, and so am I.

#2 daughter and #3 daughter spent quite a bit of time talking. At one point, they were at the kitchen table while I was at the computer. #1 daughter was sitting next to me, but we hadn't talked in a few minutes. She was reading a book, and I was trying to sort something out.

#2 daughter came over and said something like, "If you're just reading, why don't you move one chair over: I'll sit there and talk to Dad so he makes more mistakes."

It's great to have kids who look after your reputation like that!

The rest of the evening was more or less routine, except that my wife - all of us, with the probable exception of our son - enjoyed another episode of "Hawaii 5-O." This time, it was one she hadn't seen before. Which is a rare experience for her. She's quite a 5-O/Jack Lord fan.

Our son and I went through the once-again-usual routine of reading comics and a song before bed. I'm still touched that he remembered that, and wanted to pick the custom up again.

About the photos I mentioned yesterday: I'll post a few now, maybe get more ready later. Sorry about that: but I had a choice between enjoying some high-value family time, or processing pictures.

This first photo is me. Among other things, I got a Santa cap and a cartoon necktie. Excellent presents, both.

Yes, that's the Grinch, waiting around the corner from Santa Claus.

This household has put on quite a show in their garden for many Christmases.

This has been one of my favorite Christmas displays, since we moved to this town.

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