Monday, December 17, 2007

Sunday Night: Soo Bahk Do,
Circadian Rhythm, and a Scorpion

Actually, it's now Monday morning.

My circadian rhythm is going to be in rare form tomorrow. Last night I got a few tasks done, and got to sleep late. #2 daughter observed that, in her almost three years of college, she'd never stayed up that late. (She's the one who my father once drew aside during a conversation with me, and said "let me talk to someone with sense.")

This afternoon I took a nap that didn't quite last five hours. And now it's - later than I like.

I can't afford to fly around the globe - but it looks like I've found a way to get jet lag.

#2 daughter and #3 daughter, my wife, and our son went to Soo Bahk Do tonight. #2 daughter and my wife returned early. I'm glad that #3 daughter has remembered and/or been keeping up with her hyungs and such.

When I sat down at the computer this evening, I saw a toy scorpion in my water mug. Obviously, this must be the work of our son. Not so. When I mentioned the trick to my wife, #2 daughter told me that she was the one who planted it. Practical joking runs in my wife's family.

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